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Your online meetings are only
going to get better from here!

There are always exciting developments and insights that come out of Microsoft’s Inspire. Here are our key takeaways for the session: “Helping our customers with Microsoft 365 and Teams”.

COVID-19 has seen this year accelerate the global move to remote working. It has been a major incentive for organisations of all sizes to undertake digital transformations. In this session we had the pleasure of listening to keynote speaker Jared Sparto explain all Microsoft is doing to reinvent productivity and to meet the evolving needs of our customers as they acclimatise to the new normal.

With Microsoft teams we are seeing exciting innovations and upgrades. This includes a new dynamic view in meetings which adjusts to show what content is important, visually demonstrating who is talking (purple box around video); and when someone has their hands up (yellow box). To minimise any distractions a new feature will be added to eliminate any background noise. A Larger Gallery view will now show up to 49 users, being a large expansion from a previous limit of 9. Live captions now show who is speaking (previously showing only the text). Live transcriptions are recorded during the meeting and accessible at the same time. And finally “Together mode” can now be used , presenting in an auditorium style view meaning you can see each participants facial reactions.

We are also seeing a new, low-code data platform integrated with Microsoft Teams called Microsoft Data. This will enable users to build and deploy apps and chatbots within Microsoft Teams with PowerApps and Power Virtual Agents. This platform is built on top of Common Data Service, which has now been renamed to Microsoft Dataflex Pro. Some of the exciting features for users include the ability to modify apps, adding chatbots within Microsoft Teams and utilising one-click deployment within Teams

Microsoft topped off the session with an announcement around Microsoft Graph and Project Cortex designed to surface knowledge and insights. Microsoft Graph is the container for all rich data and signals, describing how people and teams perform within organisations, Microsoft Graph then turns this data into insight and opportunity. The more integration into existing systems, the more intelligent and agile Microsoft Graph can be. Project Cortex provides an experience which unlocks the knowledge of an organisation by organising that knowledge and presenting that back to the organisation. It is an easy to build no-code model which applies AI to organise content across the Microsoft stack.

We look forward to seeing these features implemented into our clients solutions and seeing the fantastic insight and knowledge as a result. To learn more about Microsoft teams and the features it has to offer you and your company contact us now.



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