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Webinar for local councils
How Local Councils Can Drive Down Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction.

Teams Webinar

Tuesday 1
December 2022

12:00 pm –
1:00 pm AEST

This event
is free.

Many Councils see the adoption of a fully integrated digital platform as a strategic initiative to drive improvement at scale:

  • They see decreases in operational costs and optimisation of processes through increased transparency
  • The ability to readily incorporate both existing and new workloads and regulatory compliance processes
  • Simplifying Council workloads, improving efficiency and increasing both customer and employee satisfaction
  • Providing a cost-effective and sustainable platform for business process improvement
  • At the webinar, Velrada will demonstrate our Local Council solution leveraging Microsoft technologies to drive costs down and improve customer satisfaction.

This webinar will cover:

  • What is driving Local Councils to move to a fully integrated digital platform?
  • How to leverage your existing ‘Point Solution’ investments whilst automating business processes
  • Building a flexible platform to support both existing and proposed regulatory compliance standards
  • Meeting the ever-increasing demands of all stakeholders
  • Tracking and reporting Service Level Agreements
  • How to meet or exceed stakeholder expectations
  • Taking the next steps – Demonstration of the Digital Council
  • Q & A
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