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Velrada talks enterprise social with WA Business News

In a recent edition of WA Business News, Velrada discussed how enterprise social is paving the way for collaborative communication and knowledge management.

Velrada executive director Jennifer Evans told Business News that clients that were, in particular, diverse both in the scope of their work and geographically, were benefiting from using social networking-style communication. “If you can imagine organisations that are quite diverse and are working on large capital projects across the world, someone’s already done something in one region that could be applied to another region but the knowledge is usually stuck in siloed systems,” Ms Evans said.

The anticipated benefits from the use of social networking tools within a business include claims of up to 15 per cent increase in productivity and as much as a 24 per cent drop in staff turnover.

Director Cecily O’Neill is championing Velrada’s enterprise social consulting. She said organisations had begun to introduce certain types of social media technology such as blogging tools but that was creating another form of an ‘information silo’.

Instead, the likes of Yammer and Jive are enterprise-wide platforms, which integrate with existing systems in a business.

“Initially there was fear especially at a board level in that Twitter or Facebook was something that their kids did and didn’t need to happen within an organisation,” Ms O’Neill said. “But where we’ve seen enterprise social networking technology really come into play is providing a platform across the organisation so that you’re not actually creating another information silo.”

Read the full article: Velrada-talks-enterprise-social-in-WA-Business-News.pdf

If you would like to know more about how enterprise social can benefit your business, please connect with Cecily on LinkedIn or contact the Velrada office on 1300 835 723 or

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