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In partnership with Microsoft, the V:Ignite series dives into a new issue, technology or case study every week.

Expect a lively and engaging discussion and audience Q&A focused on using the latest technology to resolve real world issues during these online events.


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V:Ignite #1 - Community & Social Outreach

The ability to provide effective community outreach has been significantly reduced by the recent national isolation regulations, during a time when the need for direct human contact is higher than ever. It is at these crucial moments we need to learn to use the right technology at speed to enable the continued support of our communities, families and people in need. Learn how to better use technology to continue to engage the community while working remotely.


V:Ignite #2 - Customer Insights

Personalising the online customer experience has never been more important but can be challenging without a clear view of all your customer’s interactions. Consolidating data and creating a single view of the customer is central to personalising their experience. Learn how Customer Insights leverages the Microsoft Customer Data Platform (CDP) to improve customer engagement.


V:Ignite #3 - Marketing with Dynamics 365

Consolidating data and standardising processes within a common system can improve Marketing-Sales team alignment, while improving personalisation of the buyer journey. Learn how an integrated solution can help you realise the benefits of aligning Marketing and Sales teams. Gain insight on how to build a detailed customer journey, create and run campaigns and turn leads into major accounts.


V:Ignite #4 - Customer Engagement Optimisation with Bots and Dynamics 365

More than ever customers are reaching out online with questions, queries, and requests for assistance. As customers and communities have now transferred to this new phase, we need to learn to use the right technology at speed to enablen prompt and continued support. Get involved with this webinar to learn how to utilise Dynamics 365 and a Bot system to quickly and effectively answer these FAQ, and optimise your customer engagement.


V:Ignite #5 - Manage Your Retail Processes with Dynamics 365 Commerce

As online and in-person shopping experiences continue to collide , its important to ensure that all customers are receiving a cohesive and streamlined experience across all mediums, to maintain business continuity and to provide extra value to your customers. Get involved with this deep dive into Dynamics 365 Commerce and learn how to use this program to align both your physical and digital processes, to provide a seamless experience for your customers. V:Ignite is an interactive webinar series presented by Velrada, focusing on how technology can be applied to resolve real world business problems.


V:Ignite #6 - Connected Field Service & Asset Management with Dynamics 365

In this session we explore how your organisation can provide superior customer service, and embark on the IoT journey, by enabling Connected Field Service with proactive maintenance, using Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is at these crucial moments we need to learn to use the right technology at speed to continually evolve and grow our businesses. Watch and see a demo of Dynamics 365 and how it is used to improve connected field service and asset management.


V:Ignite #7 - How to develop a 360-degree view of your residents with D365

As new and improved technology solutions become increasingly accessible, Local Governments have a unique opportunity to provide outreach and assistance to the community like never before.

In this session, learn how to develop a 360-degree view of your council residents using Dynamics 365. Experience an in-depth case study, lively and engaging discussion and Q&A focused on how Local Government organizations can adopt the Microsoft Platform to provide an in-depth view of the customer, and an Integrated, End-to-End, Multi-Channel Customer Experience.


V:Ignite #8 - Deliver Finance, Supply Chain and Adv. warehousing with D365

In this session we learn how to extend as much business value as possible from your financial operations, supply chain and advanced warehousing with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dive in as we discuss how these technologies can be innovative for your business.


V:Ignite #9 - Enhance your Member Experience & Insurance operations with D365

Retaining members and reducing churn is vital for Insurance companies, making member satisfaction a top priority. Maintaining satisfaction levels is embedded in providing modern, omni-channel customer experiences. It is critical for Insurers to have a complete 360 degree view of the member, empower staff to improve their efficiency, and deliver superior member service.


V:Ignite #10 -Streamline Fleet Management & Optimise Your Assets with D365

Fleet management is time consuming and resource intensive, often using manual processes to allocate staff, vehicles, track usage and schedule servicing. Its important to use the most up to date technology to ensure these processes run smoothly and successfully. Learn how Dynamics 365 can help you move away from using legacy tools & ad-hoc processes to keep track of a large, diverse fleet of vehicles.


V:Ignite - Presented by LiveTiles, Phase 2 of Microsoft Teams: from video conferencing to a thriving ecosystem of productivity.

In this special edition, presented by LiveTiles, learn what your organisation should be planning for phase 2 of your Teams rollout. The uber-acceleration of solutions to ensure business continuity across a Work-From-Home workforce has seen exponential growth in the uptake of Microsoft Teams. The first phase for many businesses has been to implement Teams for video conferencing during a time of crisis. The second phase is establishing good governance and building out a thriving ecosystem of hubs where work gets done.


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