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V:Ignite – Microsoft Viva, the game changer for your business

Fuelled by the pandemic, companies around the world have collectively spent billions of dollars on collaboration tools, wellbeing apps, training and development offerings, and all forms of surveys, knowledge management, case management, and employee support applications. This massive industry includes hundreds of software vendors but introducing more point solutions has a significant down side on employee engagement, fatigue and effectiveness.

Employee productivity, wellbeing, and safe workplace strategies are now issues for everyone. Microsoft have addressed this in the last 12 months by really looking at how businesses view and employees really use these disparate technologies and the challenges faced by organisations in preserving and supporting their best asset, their people.

Microsoft’s Viva components are focused on enabling your people to do their best work and feel empowered, engaged and valued. Viva Connections, Learning, Analytics and Topics bring together communications, knowledge, learning resources, and insights into a single employee experience that integrates seamlessly into the app nearly everyone uses every day, Microsoft Teams. This deep dive is intended to introduce you to these new capabilities and help you understand what is possible and see how investing in these Viva apps may help you.

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