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Empowering health team collaboration

Innovative approaches from the field.

The challenges of communicating effectively across health teams to meet the demands, especially in our most complex environments (such as remote health clinics and emergency departments) are as vast as the country we live in.

As a leading Microsoft Cloud for Health Care partner, Velrada has invited some of Australia’s finest Microsoft Modern Workplace partners and customers to join our team and co-present for this immersive event. Together we’ll showcase the possibilities for Healthcare utilising the Microsoft cloud ecosystem.


  • Hear from Microsoft’s Chief Medical Officer on the global state of critical care delivery and the role technology can play.
  • Hear real stories from the staff at Health care organisations.
  • Velrada will show you how, using Microsoft Mixed Reality, Remote/Regional health teams can leverage collaboration tools to get expert support and decrease the need for patient travel.
  • QTEC will demonstrate how, using Microsoft Teams, cross-health service team communications, typically done over the phone, can become more collaborative and efficient.
  • FiveP will present how, using their Teams application Baret, hospital comms, typically driven by a paging system, can be vastly improved, reducing the risk of lost information whilst gaining critical efficiencies in communication.
  • Velrada will present how, using the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, the communications between care delivery teams, patients and supporting parties can be vastly improved, leading to better outcomes for admitted patients.
  • Panel question time: Bairnsdale Regional Health Service, Microsoft, Velrada, QTEC and FiveP.
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