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Velrada Wins Global 2018 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service Award!

Velrada D365 Microsoft Partner of the Year

It’s not every day you get recognized by a company of Microsoft’s standing as being the best in the world at what you do.

We can tell you, that day is a great day and one we’ll remember for a while to come. The feeling in our offices in Australia and Europe, the looks on people’s faces and the atmosphere in the air was hard to describe in words. Suffice to say the coffee tasted better, the jokes were funnier and our work seemed to be doing itself.

Being a company that focuses heavily on Dynamics 365 can feel a bit less flashy at times. A lot of folks still see it as a Customer Relations Management (CRM) system, rather than a full-fledged platform that can drive end-to-end business applications. Some aren’t even aware it can be used to run Operations and Finance. When Microsoft CRM and AX (Axapta) were rolled together into Dynamics 365, the vision for a cloud-based platform that could support the entire back end of your business became a reality and for companies like ours, life became a lot more interesting. Suddenly it wasn’t just about tracking sales and opportunities—it was about delivering direct results in every aspect of the business. Best of all, an integrated platform like Dynamics 365, coupled with Field Services, lets us add things like Artificial Intelligence and Geospatial tech to produce incredible outcomes within a business’s offices and out in the field.

In the last few months alone, we’ve worked on solutions featuring:

  • Support BOTS you log into via your mobile phone using Snap Chat and facial recognition
  • Environmental systems monitored by predictive Artificial Intelligence, with automated dispatch of human repair teams that perform maintenance before a failure
  • IoT monitoring of satellite-driven meteorological systems, using pattern recognition to correlate situational factors with power consumption
  • Remote facilities management solutions tracking hundreds of thousands of assets and providing automated logistics for transportation, accommodation and catering

All of this gets built on the Dynamics 365 platform—and CRM is still used to keep customers happy and the revenue rolling in.  Pretty fun stuff.

Our CEO, Rob Evans, was asked recently what it felt like to win an award like this. This was Rob’s response:

“It feels pretty incredible. Being able to share recognition like this as a team, on the global stage, is rare and extremely gratifying—particularly when it comes from a company like Microsoft. We’ve been partnered together for as long as Velrada has existed and we see this award as proof that working with Microsoft towards the goals our customers have for their own businesses creates amazing results.  The guidance and support we’ve received from Microsoft throughout the years has been unparalleled and has fueled the innovation that’s led us to this point.

 Our whole crew—from our offices around Australia to those in Europe—are celebrating how far we’ve come with our customers and each other. As you’d imagine, morale is high and motivation for what happens next is off the charts.

 What it’s really about is our customers, of course. We’ve been extremely fortunate to work with businesses that have the vision to take the digital transformation bull by the horns and recognize it for the opportunity it is. Our support of our customers and the trust they’ve placed in us in turn to bring them down that path is ultimately what’s led us here.”


Some Notable Projects

We’ve been delivering Field Service solutions to our customers for quite a while, including those in the Facilities Management, Mining, Financial Services and Government sectors. Two of our recent customers stand out and were likely a factor in us getting the award:


Sodexo Global Energy and Resources CEO, Paul Bean, engaged us to help them build an integrated Services and Facilities Management solution used to look after their mining clients in Australia. Sodexo was facing significant challenge, caring for over 30,000 miners in 42 Mine Camps and 4 townships across the Pilbara. Logistics included services in flight and aerodrome management, bus transport and fleet management, accommodation, catering, property and asset management, building and grounds maintenance, resource scheduling and reporting. The solution was built on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform and leveraged the Field Services module to provide AI-driven predictive maintenance for the facility, as well as optimized processes for mobility teams.

“The Integrated Facilities Management platform we’ve built with Velrada’s help gives us the visibility and control we need to manage the services our customers depend on. Its rapid deployment and user adoption has been significant and is informing our plans for the future.”

Yves DeBailliencourt
Global CIO, Sodexo, Paris France

Silver Chain

Working together with Aged and Home Care provider, Silver Chain, was also a great opportunity. A not-for-profit organization, Silver Chain has been serving Australians for over 110 years. Their care teams provide specialist nursing, palliative care, home care and support services that allow their customers to live at home and remain independent. Velrada’s Dynamics 365 solution keeps their carers connected and responsive, with mobile applications that are used to track patients’ history and treatment, manage potential health risks such as allergies to medication, and ensure visits are prioritized and scheduled for the greatest possible reach. Like the miners, these remote workers sometimes find themselves in challenging circumstances where risk must be managed carefully. At the same time, the care and quality of life they’re providing to residents in the community are magnified by their increased efficiency and situational awareness.

“Silver Chain worked with Velrada as the implementation partner; the final system is now unparalleled in the medical community.”

Brad Gaudoin
Business Systems Group Manager, Silver Chain

A bit more about Velrada:

We’ve been around since 2009, when a group of entrepreneurs and consultants offering top-tier advisory services decided it was time to do something bigger. Those same people are now leaders and practice managers at Velrada, continuing to support the advisory arm of our business while our services and products footprint continues to expand internationally.

One of the things that makes us different is that, despite being innovators in technology solutions, we live, breathe and talk business to business stakeholders. Bridging the gap between technical delivery and business outcome is often hard; sometimes even seeing that path is challenging for everyone involved. Being good at it sets us apart: it’s in our pedigree.
Of course, without great technology there would be no Velrada and there is no shortage of passion for it around here. We focus on three technical areas relentlessly: Business applications (driven by Dynamics 365), the “Modern Workplace” (underpinned by Office 365), and Data & AI.

This last category is especially exciting for us. There used to be a time when data warehousing, analytics and especially Artificial Intelligence were a separate “silo”–a technology bucket you would sell and implement separately. Those days are recently, but irrevocably, gone. Today, Artificial Intelligence and a rock-solid data practice are standard on any respectable technology roadmap. Most importantly, the value these areas bring as compliments to business applications and software platforms is enormous and, with the advent of Azure and other cloud services, very affordable.

With Data & AI in place, OT (Operational Technology)/IT convergence, IoT (Internet of Things) and Field Service enablement start paying off at an exponential rate. This last layer of value is always the end goal for us and our customers, and it’s what won us this award.

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