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Velrada Joins Microsoft AI Inner Circle Program

Velrada has been invited to join Microsoft’s AI Inner Circle Program. 

The Artificial Intelligence Inner Circle Partner program is designed for partners who provide custom services or enhanced AI product solutions utilizing Microsoft AI technologies. This program recognizes a partner’s unique expertise in specific industries and their ability to drive business transformation using the power of AI and data. AI Inner Circle Partners champion Microsoft AI technologies and deliver cutting edge AI solutions for customers.

In 2018 Velrada won the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service Global Partner of the Year Award. We were honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Velrada continues to capture attention within the technology sector with innovative solutions featuring digital assistants (bots) and predictive services powered by machine learning and deep neural networks.

‘We’re particularly focused on leveraging Microsoft’s Azure AI stack, including the Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Machine Learning services, extending the value these technologies offer by building industry-specific solutions within sectors such as Mining, Energy, Facility and Asset Management, Health and Financial Services.

‘Notable examples of Velrada’s AI implementations include conversational bots, AIs that use machine learning to provide predictive invoice management to business decision-makers and maintenance solutions that predict why and when a valuable asset might fail.’

This recognition highlights Velrada’s ongoing commitment to the development of Artificial Intelligence technologies and solutions within the global Tech community. In June, Velrada joined Microsoft’s Global AI Spark Program as one of three initial launch partners committed to accelerating the deployment of AI solutions in enterprise organisations. This latest achievement underscores their momentum in the field.

Dan Hookham, Velrada President Global Analytics and AI, said:

This recognition from Microsoft as a global leader in Artificial Intelligence is particularly gratifying. We’re highly committed to cutting through the hype associated with AI and delivering practical, powerful solutions that align with our customers’ business strategies. Seeing what these technologies are doing for the organisations we’re deploying them with is exciting, particularly when they’re used to build intelligent models of real world behavior and risk management. AI provides enormous opportunities in maintaining HSEC compliance, optimizing Engineering solutions, as well as in the management and maintenance of assets in the Manufacturing, Resources and Utilities sectors. AI is real and our customers are doing amazing things with it.

Velrada CEO, Rob Evans said:

The impact of Artificial Intelligence technologies such as cognitive services and machine learning can’t be overstated. The value they bring to our customers is enormous and their successful commoditization into the cloud means they’re accessible to everyone. Microsoft has provided a platform and delivery model that facilitates an enormous range of applications: everything from the automation of maintenance rosters and transport schedules to predictive analytics that drastically reduce the cost and effort of construction and the management of high value assets and facilities. When Artificial Intelligence is paired with the constructed infrastructure associated with commercial industries in particular, incredible gains can be realised and we’re seeing those gains every day.

Using AI to achieve digital transformation and disruption relies on clear thinking and relentless execution and, ultimately, must eventuate in leaps in operational efficiency.

Above all, we’re proud of building a sustainable business with a real ability to effect transformation in complex organisations.

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