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For the past several years, developers from around the world have gathered here in Seattle, the original “Cloud City,” to meet, exchange ideas, hone or learn skills, build community. This year, we won’t be meeting in person, but the spirit of the event will continue as we move online – and the response we’ve received [...]
The world around us is changing, creating a new normal by making remote workforces more and more common. In this fluid and everchanging landscape it can difficult to manage jumps in productivity and service delivery. As we all grapple with the outbreak of COVID-19, remote working is considered a practical solution in enabling staff to [...]
Connecting AI communities across the world to share ideas and content with each other. On the 8th of April 2020 the Global AI Community is hosting a 30 hour live event across timezones in different languages. Mark the date in your calendar, subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in. Our mission is to connect [...]
Change is one of those things that’s certainly ‘easier said than done’ according to Jen Evans, who is a director at Velrada - a contemporary technology partner that brings true business context to the Microsoft stack. Jen said improving efficiencies, productivity and employee happiness were top of mind for many businesses looking to boost their [...]
The U.S. Air Force is breaking the glass as a leader in harnessing the power of cloud, rapidly rolling out modern services to enable airmen to advance the mission through more effective collaboration. As part of their digital transformation journey to achieve global access, persistence, and awareness for the 21st century, the U.S. Air Force [...]
At the far west of the Cumberland Plain lies Penrith. If you head West from Sydney it’s where the city ends; if you head East from the Blue Mountains it’s where the city starts. Over the next few years Penrith is slated for massive growth with the opening of the second Sydney airport and its [...]
The health of people and communities around the world has been improving over time. For example, the steep decline in child and maternal mortality is a key indicator of positive momentum. However, progress has not been equal across the globe, and there is a great need to focus on societal issues such as reducing health [...]
Customers across industries are using advanced cloud and AI tools to build their own digital solutions. In December, Microsoft shared the State of Tech Intensity study, which highlighted a trend in their work with customers: many organizations are going beyond simply adopting the latest tools and technologies and are building their own unique digital capabilities. [...]
The scientific consensus is clear. The world confronts an urgent carbon problem. The carbon in our atmosphere has created a blanket of gas that traps heat and is changing the world’s climate. Already, the planet’s temperature has risen by 1 degree centigrade. If we don’t curb emissions, and temperatures continue to climb, science tells us [...]
The last several years have brought massive change – and opportunity – for the retail industry. Gone are the days when retailers chose when, where and what to sell; now consumers are in the driver’s seat, and retailers are being challenged to figure how to best engage with them. Additionally, they’re juggling pressures driven by [...]
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