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Sustainability as a Service webinar
Environmental Sustainability is a global challenge.

Environmental Sustainability is a global challenge. Many organisations recognise that being Environmentally Sustainable is more than just a feel-good topic. Those who have already embarked on this journey to the reportable and auditable measurement of Emissions, Waste volumes and Water usage have found that not only are they doing something positive for the world but also:

  • They see decreases in operational costs and optimisation of processes through increased transparency.
  • Potential employees choose companies with a clear and strong stance on Sustainability above their competitors.
  • High-value, sustainable investment funds are becoming popular and focussing on organisations with clear action plans.

Measurement is the key. But what do you measure? How do you get the data, and what should you focus on first?

Velrada will demonstrate the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. This will provide an insight into how Microsoft are playing their role in the sustainability journey and how you as an invested stakeholder can improve your outcomes with the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability from Velrada.

The topics we’ll cover (in 20 mins) are:

  • Identifying what’s important to measure for your business 
  • Automating existing sources 
  • Capturing new data Owning your data – avoiding proprietary tools 
  • Creating, managing and measuring sustainability initiatives 
  • Tracking and reporting success 
  • Taking the next steps Demonstration of the Cloud for Healthcare – 20 mins 
  • Q & A – 10 mins
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