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Revolutionizing Human Resources:
Introducing the Future of Workforce Management

Online via Microsoft Teams

Thursday 30th 
March 2023

12:00 PM AEST –
1:00 PM AEST

This event is free.

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We are thrilled to invite you to an exclusive webinar where we will be discussing trailblazing Workforce Management technology, demonstrating how this technology is becoming increasingly vital to Human Resource functions. Human Resource functions are utilizing Workforce Management technology to improve their processes and practices. Velrada’s PowerRosterTM for HR can enable these advances through:

Workforce Demand Management

Stay informed to meet demand with the ability to input demand profiles from multiple sources, used to set shift staffing targets. Integrated dashboards allow visualization of demand against current shift plans against assigned shifts.

Roster and Shift Management:

Cut down on communication with easy access to approved shifts and clock in clock out capability. Schedule shifts in PowerRosterTM that are visible to the rostered user on the mobile app.

Time and Entry Approval:

Manage all your resources from one central location. Implement a two-stage approval process in PowerRosterTM of all schedules, actual, or adjusted time entries. Make amendments on the go, with complete access on the mobile app.

Work Hours Integrated:

Give your payroll teams immediate access to past, present, and future resources. Approved shift times are integrated into Dynamics365 HR or other HR system’s worked hours journal, for payroll purposes.

Leave Management:

Keep up with expectations by making it simple for your employees with leave management across multiple systems and easy viewing access. Guarantee availability of resources with live views of your roster calendar.

In the webinar, Velrada demonstrates our PowerRosterTM for Workforce Management solution and how it can integrate into your existing environment. By adopting this technology, HR departments can improve their processes, better support their employees, and make a positive impact on their organizations’ bottom line.
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