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Pulse Newsletter:
July 2020

Amazing Opportunities

Despite the continuing effects of COVID-19 we Velrada has opened its doors to some very exciting opportunities.

Virtual Daily Check-In Solution

Instigated through a recommendation from Microsoft. Rio Tinto has engaged with Velrada to build and deliver a Power Platform based solution. Designed to enable a new management operating standard which will be deployed around the globe for the business. The operating standard required that all managers meet with their teams digitally (or in person) on a daily basis to run through a check-in meeting measuring key areas such as mental health, wellbeing, top priorities, issues, activities etc.

With a user base of 2500 people the solution includes Common Data Service, MS Teams, Model Driven Apps, Canvas Power Apps, Power BI and will drive $120,000 in annualized licensing revenue. The solution is the linchpin in Microsoft’s pitch to license Power Platform globally to 10,000+ people and pull through $500,00 in licensing revenue per year.

Building Maintenance & Works Supplier Invoicing Portal

The Department of Finance WA has selected Velrada to partner with them to deliver an initial MVP of a disruptive digital solution enabling the automation of a significant manual business process.Velrada’s team will design & implement a Power Platform, and Power Platform Portals solution that enables the WA Government Approved Maintenance Service Suppliers to upload invoices via a portal. Invoices that meet certain criteria will be able to be approved automatically with data managed centrally in the Common Data Service.

The central management of this data is the first step towards more automation, better analytics and automated fraud detection, going live with 50 internal users and with 100 external users accessing the portal.

Digital Planner Tool

The University of Sydney has engaged with Velrada to develop a program to help students plan for their degree. This program will not only help faculty understand students reasoning for selecting subject but helps students decipher what is the best course of action for them. Allowing students to understand what courses are available to them, when the course is available, the best time to begin and how they can fit in advanced studies and electives.
Velrada is providing a solution delivered through Power Platform using Education Accelerator tools, low-to-no code using Power App Canvas and a Stylish UX using the PowerApps Canvas. The collaborative approach that Velrada undertook for University of Sydney has lead to a very positive Client Experience.

Dynamics Business Central Implementation

Velrada are in the final stages of implementation of Dynamics Business Central for Land Services SA. Having been users of NAV in a shared commercial hosted environment, LSSA made the decision to upgrade and migrate to the latest version of BC in the Azure cloud.

Using a rapid implementation approach that utilised both Velrada’s knowledge of Business Central and LSSA’s knowledge from their use of NAV, we were able to quickly and efficiently implement the solution over an eight week timeframe.  Working closely with LSSA, Velrada provided a fully configured template company, that was populated with all Master data used across the organisation. This template company was then used to rapidly create nine legal entities within BC (rather than configured individually) and allowed LSSA to migrate all their historical finance transaction data from NAV and MYOB.

Velrada is now looking at other areas of improvement in finance and operations that are available as a result of upgrading to BC or through the use of other products including Power BI (to replace and improve the performance of JetReports) and CRM for improved vendor management.

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