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V:Forms for OHS

for OHS

Safety Just Got Simpler

Identify hazards, assess risks and maintain compliance–without the paperwork.

* Integrates with Dynamics 365 *

MS Gold Partner

Paperless Compliance

V:Forms is designed with your field teams and front-line workers in mind. Whether it’s a safety officer performing a risk assessment or an industrial worker running through their pre-start checklist, V:Forms helps ensure the right processes are being followed with the least amount of administrative overhead.

Hazard Identification

  • Workplace Inspections
  • Incident Reporting
  • Employee Feedback

Risk Assessment

  • Data gathering
  • Photo capture
  • Analytics

Control & Compliance

  • Pre-start checklists
  • Safety audits
  • Proof of resolution

Field Team Support

  • Offline mobility
  • Case management integration
  • Versatile forms designer


Empower your field teams. Lower your overhead.

Design dynamic, detailed forms to support your staff in the field—with no code.

V:Forms integrate with Dynamics 365, so you can populate them with your business data automatically without having to manage additional databases. Field staff can capture photos and video along with text data using any mobile device, and the information attaches to the associated case or “ticket” so it follows your workflow.

V:Forms: maintain organisational efficiency and control, where the work gets done.

OHS V:Forms

Industry Empowerment

Health Care
Local Government
If you have facilities or assets to manage and have a mobile workforce servicing them, then V:Locity can help.

Whether it’s planned or predictive maintenance routines on high-value equipment, service calls to customers or real-time support for IoT enabled facilities, V:Locity’s field services technology lowers operating costs and raises quality of service. V:Locity’s customers range from large multi-national corporations delivering services globally, to national and regional utilities companies managing critical assets, to local councils looking after parks, libraries and public transport.

Transform How Your Mobile Teams Maintain Assets in the Field.

V:Locity’s asset and facilities management features include job tracking, rostering and stock level management: you always know what needs to be done, the materials required and who’s going to do it. 

Companies like Sodexo, with portfolios of services and assets that are carefully tracked in the field, are using V:Locity’s field services technology to shrink operating costs and job completion times dramatically.

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Start managing safety and compliance the easy way with V:forms and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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