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MS Inspire 2018 highlights

What’s better than a week in Vegas?
A week in Vegas with Microsoft, of course!

The annual Inspire conference, where Microsoft and its partners come together to share insight and inspiration, is always an exciting event. This year it was in Las Vegas, which only served to amplify the excitement even further. Some of our core team made the trip from down under and it was well worth the long-haul flight. We didn’t meet Elvis, or wake up with a tiger in our hotel room, or even get married–but some other things happened to us that are worth mentioning.

Velrada MS Las Vegas

Velrada Won the Global Partner of the Year Award for Dynamics, Field Service

This is a pretty big deal. The announcement had already been made by the time the first “core note” presentation kicked off in the T-Mobile arena, but to see us honoured on-stage by Gavriella Schuster in front of 14,000 people was extremely gratifying for all of us. Microsoft puts on a great show and being mentioned during a presentation that featured a live musical performance, impressive lightshow and electrifying opening speech made us feel pretty special.

Field Service–the ability to deliver products and services “in the field”, away from your office–is an enormous growth industry, particularly when it comes to mobility workers and predictive maintenance. The Microsoft team has given us great support building up our Field Service practice over the past few years and it’s come to fruition in 2018. We’ve gained great traction with our continuing European expansion, helping customers like Sodexo get more done with their mobility teams and manage their facilities more efficiently. Technologies that compliment Dynamics 365–like machine learning, geospatial imagery and positioning, cognitive services and especially Internet of Things (IoT)–really light up these solutions.

MS Inner Circle

We Were Invited to Join the Dynamics Inner Circle

It sounds like it should involve secret handshakes and a lot of chanting, but there’s nothing mysterious about it. When you’re in the top 1% of partners worldwide for a given category, Microsoft invites you to join the Inner Circle for that category.

Being part of the Dynamics Inner Circle is great for Velrada because it means we get greater visibility on the Dynamics product roadmap, allowing us to plan for the future and keep our customers’ digital transformation free of surprises. Even better, we now have a dedicated executive sponsor within Microsoft who’s dedicated to driving our customers’ success following every one of our solutions. Finally, it gives us more opportunity to share our learnings and collaborate with fellow partners around the world, so our application of the Dynamics platform remains cutting-edge and of maximum value to our clients.

Velrada at MSInspire 2018

Dominic Nolan, our GM of Solutions, Presented on “Achieving Success with Dynamics Field Service”

The Field Services module of Dynamics 365 is powerful, letting you do amazing things with rostering, work orders, facilities management and mobility empowerment in general. When you add Connected Field Services, possibilities open up for dynamic modelling and analytics that power predictive services–including maintenance and inspections. Internet of Things (IoT), when coupled with Field Service, is one of the biggest technology opportunities out there for organizations looking to streamline their operations and deliver more value to their customers.

It takes more than technology expertise to really be successful, however. Industry knowledge and a solid grounding in asset management is essential to rolling out solutions that achieve maximum positive impact and return on investment.

Velrada VBot at MSInspire 2018

Velrada’s “V:Bot” Was Featured In the Day 1 Corenote Address

We’ve been partnering closely with LiveTiles to amplify our Modern Workplace and Artificial Intelligence offerings in various global markets. LiveTiles is great at making powerful technology accessible to non-technical business stakeholders, and they’ve done exactly this with their LiveTiles Bot Framework–making it possible to design and manage bots using a graphical user interface that sits on top of the Microsoft Bot Framework.
We used the LiveTiles Bot Framework to build “V:Bot”, then integrated it across multiple platforms within its own online demo environment. Among other things, V:Bot can schedule meetings, send emails and create task lists in Office 365, render Power BI dashboards in real time, conduct persistent sentiment analysis during conversations and interrogate Dynamics 365 to retrieve customer and financial information.

Clicking “free trial” brings you to the online demo–no installation required.

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