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Key takeaways from
Nintex ProcessFest 2019

Key takeaways from ProcessFest 2019 – a four-day practical hands-on user training conference for the Nintex community

By Thomas Xu
Managing Consultant and Nintex vTE (Virtual Technology Evangelist) – Velrada


As a long-standing certified Nintex partner, Velrada has helped many customers across all industries with process automation and collaboration using the Nintex platform.

Conferences such as The ProcessFest 2019 which recently took place over four days in Bellevue, Seattle, allows Nintex product teams, customers and partners from around the world to gather together and share their knowledge on the latest and greatest on the Nintex platform.

The event was kicked off with a Keynote from Nintex CEO, Eric Johnson. Eric gave the audience an impressive overview of how business and technology are rapidly transforming and how Nintex has evolved from a SharePoint add-on to an Enterprise Nintex Process Cloud Platform, with now 170 million cloud workflow executions since it began!

So, what were some of the key takeaways from the event?

The Nintex platform now incorporates the following key capabilities:

  • Process management by leveraging Nintex Promapp, which is a SaaS enabling process planning, mapping and sharing
  • Process automaton by leveraging forms, mobile, workflow, RPA, doc gen and eSign
  • Process optimisation by leveraging data analytics

New: Nintex Lightning- fast forms

Nintex lightning-fast forms was announced at the conference as one of the new features that will be rolled out at a later stage. This awesome new capability will allow customers and partners to generate an NWC responsive form by simply uploading a PDF form. It leverages AI and Cognitive services to generate form controls based on OCRing the PDF file. It also determines the right type of controls based on type of Dara. e.g., if a form field name containing email was found in the PDF document it will generate the corresponding email control.

New: AI Type forms

Also announced a new feature is Nintex AI type forms along with Smart Form designer. When released, form designers can choose to open form between smart form builder and responsive form designer. This feature will allow form designers to quickly build forms by simply typing out names of the form fields!

Key features of the Smart Form Builder are as follows:

  • Automatically generates control of the corresponding types on the Responsive form designer based on text entered in the Smart form builder pane
  • Automatically rearranging controls into different pages based on text-phrase “page”

New: Nintex RPA and workflow integration

Nintex RPA (Robotic Process Automation) was formerly known as Foxtrot RPA which was acquired by Nintex early this year. It provides powerful configuration-based UI which allows users to configure bots to quickly and effectively automate routine tasks in an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

It was announced that workflow designers will be able to launch a botflow in RPA from NWC; vice versa Nintex RPA designers will be able to start a workflow in NWC. This provides additional integration capabilities to the platform.

New: Nintex Workflow Generator in Nintex Promapp (aka Magic Button)

A new capability which allows workflow to be automatically generated from a process mapped directly within Promapp environment. Nintex Workflow Generator uses natural language processing (NLP) to bridge the gap between process knowledge and automation expertise. The process expert will be able to Nintex Promapp to document a process then click “Request Automation” to create a draft workflow and alert the process automation experts to complete the workflow.

In conclusion, attending as a partner was an incredible experience, allowing attendees to meet and network with the Nintex team, customers, partners and vTE buddies from all over the world. This conference really does arm you with the tools you need to reach new process management and automation heights.

You can join the local Perth Nintex User Group (or your local Nintex User Group) which is a great place to network with other Nintex users and share ideas on how to use the Nintex Platform.
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