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Retail & Consumer

Your customer experience should
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Say goodbye to hiding your customers behind a maze
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What we know
The challenge
From ‘clicks to bricks’, the modern omni-channel retailer has a dual focus on customer engagement and improving operational efficiency. The rush of many consumer businesses to embrace the world of data, personalisation and one-to-one customer engagement has seen an explosion in the integration of IoT, in-store navigation, digital assistants and augmented and mixed reality.

In addition to improving customer experience, retailers are faced with a range of operational challenges, including global supply chain risk, inventory management and logistics, staff management and training, credit card fraud, information security, and loss prevention.
The opportunity
Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure Bot Service is one technology powering the next generation of customer engagement using easily configurable digital assistants to deliver transactional customer service.

And the insights into customers gained by leveraging advanced analytics and IoT technology enables tailored in-store experiences and real-time staff assistance for customers based on their identified needs and in-store location.

Additionally, operational improvements can be delivered through intelligent supply chain management, micro-warehousing, workforce empowerment, increased security, fraud detection and loss prevention. Utilising the IoT, big data and the advanced analytics capabilities of the Microsoft cloud platform, retailers can develop an ecosystem that connects shelves to stockrooms, checkout and distribution facilities to provide real-time sales, stock, and logistics reporting, analysis and control.
What we think
We think that technology should be used to fundamentally improve business performance.

With retailers looking for effective, low-cost solutions that can better engage customers and reduce operating costs, the opportunity for a data-driven approach to improve customer experience, increase marketing efficiency or facilitate new product development is significant.

Likewise, the scale of the data challenge facing many retail and consumer businesses and the threat posed by global ecommerce players creates a space for those willing to invest in technology to understand their operating dynamics to improve efficiency, get closer to their customers, better coordinate back-office functions and improve inventory management.
What we do
We’re a contemporary technology partner that brings true business context to the Microsoft technology stack.

We work on challenges from the delivery of a new virtual assistants out of the box to manage inbound transaction enquiries, to data-driven credit risk management and propensity modelling to identify your most profitable customers.
Why we’re different
We put business first, technology second.

By combining our deep knowledge of data, high volume transactional businesses, legacy systems and Microsoft technology we deliver integrated cloud-based Microsoft solutions that drive transformational business improvement.

For our clients, that means an opportunity to use technology to fundamentally improve business performance.
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