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Technology and operations
go hand in hand.

A shift from reactive to proactive asset management
and an explosion of data requires strategic use of
innovative technology to stay competitive.
Mine to port integrated operations design
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What we know
The challenge
Changes in the energy and resources sector have seen uncertain commodity prices with major cost-out programs and operational efficiency a focus. As an inherently asset and capital intensive industry, the sector is heavily dependent on operational efficiencies and optimised utilisation rates to deliver an appropriate return on investment.
The opportunity
Recent attention has focused on improving efficiency through understanding and capitalising on opportunities presented by the explosion of data and the rapid innovation taking place in the global technology platforms. This has put Big Data, advanced analytics, IoT and automation at the top of the agenda for many resources companies, with innovation playing an increasingly important role in delivering competitive advantage.

IT/OT convergence has been enabled significantly by the data processing and system integration capabilities of solutions leveraging these technologies, combining operational data from SCADA systems with the flexibility and processing power of cloud-based applications to understand, predict and automate key operational processes and optimise asset utilisation.
What we think
Crossing traditional technology boundaries between operational and information technology has been at the forefront of our work for many years.

We’ve worked with all the ASX20 mining and energy companies across a diverse set of engagements from strategy, risk and project management to designing and delivering complex technology solutions. Being headquartered in Western Australia with many of the world’s top mining and energy players, we’ve been exposed to the practical challenges of implementing solutions across complex asset intensive businesses and diverse global teams.

We believe that technology should fundamentally improve business performance. And we understand the need to optimise asset utilisation, share knowledge across distributed teams and make sure the appropriate risk, governance and controls are in place to ensure compliance in complex operating environments.

That’s because we put business first, technology second.
What we do
We work end to end across project and asset lifecycles, drawing on our understanding of the differing operating contexts of greenfields, brownfields and established assets. We’ve developed highly specific strategies to rationalise legacy systems and applications, replacing or integrating them with scalable point solutions that are able to run in the broader technology environment.

Because we’ve worked with all the major players, we understand the complexity of the legacy systems environment and know from practical experience how to integrate more agile and scalable technology solutions with existing systems, data sources and work processes.

Our approach is built on a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges and our on-the-ground experience delivering transformational business improvement for some of the world’s largest resources companies.
Why we’re different
We believe that technology should fundamentally improve business performance.

We focus on the human element of digital transformation, ensuring that operational teams are given the insights, tools and technology they need to deliver value, work together more effectively, and identify further opportunities the purposeful application of technology.

We also ensure that executive stakeholders have an integrated view of the business and a data-driven platform for guiding business improvement initiatives.

We’re a contemporary technology partner that brings true business context to the Microsoft technology stack.
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