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Public Sector

Progress is impossible without change.
That's the point.

Say goodbye to legacy systems, and hello Microsoft.
There's a new way of delivering efficiency and engaging
citizens with scalable, integrated technology.
Transforming public sector service delivery
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What we know
The challenge
Expectations of government have fundamentally changed. Due to the rise of mobile, always-on digital platforms and apps changing citizens’ expectations of how easy service delivery should be, government agencies are taking leaps into this space, with a range of new digital products and initiatives to streamline engagement and make life easier.

But it’s not all smooth sailing. Legacy systems and work practices are typically ill-equipped to deal with this rapid shift to a citizen centric, technology enabled service delivery model.
The opportunity
Citizen centric service delivery has gone mainstream enabled by data-driven platform technologies that can enable seamless, online service delivery to the public and provide public sector employees smarter, more intuitive ways of working.

The potential for technology to revolutionise many areas of government service delivery is immense.

Approvals management, infrastructure, facilities management, reducing reliance on legacy systems, asset and fleet management, emergency management and environmental sustainability and reporting are key areas where Velrada has been able to fundamentally improve the performance of many government agencies.
What we think
We know there is a huge opportunity for the public sector to embrace a data-driven approach, leveraging advanced analytics to improve data capture and drive predictive maintenance solutions or provide insights into improved application processing, streamlining online services, or improving workforce performance.

We also understand how to deliver an integrated operations platform built on Microsoft’s cloud platform to leverage these data-driven insights and coordinate the significant public resources being deployed by asset-intensive areas of the public sector to ensure efficient scheduling, maximise asset utilisation and uncover the potential for automation.
What we do
We bring true business context to the Microsoft technology stack.

Our approach is built on a deep understanding of the challenges of government service delivery and our on-the-ground experience delivering transformational business improvement for State and Federal government agencies from point solutions to multi-million-dollar transformation programs.

We also focus on the human element of digital transformation, ensuring that front-line service delivery teams are given the tools and technology they need to improve client outcomes and work together more effectively. And that executive stakeholders have an integrated view of the organisation and a data-driven platform for guiding improvement initiatives.
Why we’re different
We know that change is hard, especially when service delivery is the priority, and the challenges with existing systems can seem insurmountable due to entrenched technologies or resistance to change.

We work closely with teams across the organisation to ensure adoption of new technology, demonstrating value and ensuring quick wins, framing outcomes in relation to team productivity and time spent delivering services instead of dealing with system issues or tied up in endless administration.

For our clients, it means an opportunity to use technology to fundamentally improve performance.
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