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Asset Intensive

Asset intensive businesses
should cost less to run.

Innovation through the
strategic use of technology is the key to
rapidly improving efficiency.
Transforming operations
in a State-owned utility
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What we know
The challenge
Organisations with extensive and complex asset deployments spend a large amount of time maintaining assets through their lifecycle, mitigating risks of downtime, and reviewing asset utilisation metrics to inform strategic field service and maintenance plans.

These organisations have traditionally relied on administration heavy business processes, disparate IT solutions, field agent expertise, and manually processed asset utilisation metrics to form management strategies, maximise ROI, improve operational efficiency, increase asset uptime, and improve safety.

The explosion of data availability from IoT sensors and edge devices has driven the appetite for increased investment in data-driven solutions and advanced analytics. But it seems that many organisations can’t effectively demonstrate the business context or struggle to embed these new data sources to add value to their existing operations.
The opportunity
Adoption of IoT technologies enables more accurate and secure real time data collection from the vast array of edge devices such as sensors, mobile devices, plant machinery, control systems and other fixed and mobile assets. Known as the intelligent edge, collecting and synthesising this data provides the basis for solutions that deliver increased asset utilisation, uptime and operational efficiency.

Like the Resources industry, other asset intensive industries have also seen the acceleration of IT/OT convergence. This has been enabled significantly by the data processing and system integration capabilities of these new solutions, combining operational data from SCADA systems with the flexibility and processing power of cloud-based applications to understand, predict and automate key operational processes, schedule preventative maintenance and optimise asset utilisation.

The challenge of effectively processing and interpreting these dynamic, always-on data sets is met by the increasing sophistication and accessibility of AI-driven solutions, Big Data processing and advanced analytics.

This next-generation technology automates the process of delivering tangible and actionable insights without overwhelming key decision makers with low-level unstructured information.
What we think
We believe that technology should fundamentally improve business performance.

It’s one thing to understand the opportunity by collecting and analysing the data, but delivering value relies on being able to exercise control through the automated orchestration of systems, assets, equipment and people.

Our approach to designing and delivering technology solutions leverages Microsoft’s cloud-based platform - integrated with legacy systems - to coordinate and manage the interactions across distributed teams and equipment on site and in the field.

In addition, maintaining the security of control networks – e.g. for infrastructure and utilities clients – against growing threats, is critical to ongoing business continuity and protecting the interests of the consumers and businesses who rely on their services.
What we do
We’re a contemporary technology partner that brings true business context to the Microsoft technology stack.

Our engagement with asset intensive businesses focuses on using technology to increase efficiency, increase yield, improve the quality of their decision making and deliver solutions that enable the automation and orchestration of key service delivery activities.
Why we’re different
Our understanding of the complexity of integrating information and operational technology and experience across asset-intensive industries such as Resources, Engineering, Infrastructure, Facilities Management and Utilities means we put the business first, technology second.

And our clients know that although we are a Microsoft-exclusive partner, we understand the breadth of legacy and specialist systems at work in their business and know how to make our solutions work alongside or be fully integrated with the existing technology landscape.

For our clients, that means an opportunity to use technology to fundamentally improve business performance.
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