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Industries: Financial Services

money Design and deliver a target operating model to establish a client-focused service delivery approach. Snapshot Design and implementation of a target operating model, which underpins newly developed strategy and guiding principles, and enables clear measurement of marketing campaign effectiveness in terms of client experience, retention, advocacy and share of customer wallet. BACKGROUND As a result [...]
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money Proactively managing loan eligibility helped our client lower the number of loan defaults. Snapshot Effective credit risk management is the key to improving efficiency in the lending industry. Our client had a sophisticated credit model but felt that there was opportunity to improve this using data science and the Azure machine learning (ML) platform to [...]
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handheld device Gaining competitive advantage through understanding lifetime value and targeting marketing activity to maximise ROI. Snapshot Our client wanted to leverage their information rich environment and external data sources to transparently manage customer marketing based on relative profitability. Velrada designed machine learning algorithms alongside SQL (SSAS) based models to model customer churn and the profitability of [...]
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