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Accelerate the time it takes to train staff on low availability and dangerous equipment with Mixed Reality.

Online via Microsoft Teams

Thursday 6th
April 2023

1:00 PM AEST –
2:00 PM AEST

This event is free.

24/7/365 operations still need to train staff on equipment. To make this possible, there is a dependence on class-room training and then hands-on training as and when the equipment becomes available.

These staff need buddies which slows down the work throughput and puts more than one person in danger.

The question is, can you remove a lot of the risk and speed up each trainee’s time to run unsupported?

Join us as we chat to Velrada’s XR Specialist, Mustafa Al Abbassi in this online session where we’ll look at the role of virtual and mixed-reality training in helping drive these outcomes.

In this session we’ll cover:

  • Success stories and the difference it makes to KPIs
  • The role of VR vs MR and how they combine to accelerate training
  • A key example of apprentices being trained and how they performed with and without XR
  • What you should expect when embarking on this journey
  • Taking the next steps – How can you move forward
  • Q & A


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