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Enabling Organisation
Remote Working

The world around us is changing, creating a new normal by making remote workforces more and more common.

In this fluid and everchanging landscape it can difficult to manage jumps in productivity and service delivery.

As we all grapple with the outbreak of COVID-19, remote working is considered a practical solution in enabling staff to put into practice social distancing and reducing the impact on business.

Unfortunately many companies have had the need for remote working sprung on them and as such are not technologically prepared for this sudden change. Others already have the technology but are simply and not prepared in how to maintain the right governance. Having the correct tools for your staff and business are a vital part in maintaining productivity and keeping connections strong amongst staff members and customers.

Microsoft teams is a collaborations and communication platform deployed quickly to ensure your business is kept running safely and securely in a virtual environment. This program provides remote working with voice & video calls to keep people connected, chat messaging to keep your employees engaged, secure document collaboration and meeting capabilities with internal and external contacts. Enabling businesses to maintain strong connections between staff members as well as other businesses.

Microsoft & Velrada are committed to helping businesses in this trying time, and so Microsoft is offering a 6-month Office 365 E1 Trial, which includes Microsoft Teams, for eligible customers who are affected by COVID-19.

Velrada and Microsoft are dedicated to putting our customers at the center, and ensure we are helping them maintain business continuity during this situation.

To hear more about the offers available for businesses and to reach out to talk to one of Velrada’s technological experts.

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