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Discover the right tools to ensure you never leave your customers with unanswered questions and drive revenue by enabling an always on service.

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    Modern managed services
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    Cloud adoption
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    Global Dynamics 365
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    Managed digital security
Modern managed services

Digital transformation is a powerful process that unlocks immense new potential - but it also brings new challenges that must be managed well to retain a competitive edge.

Velrada’s expertise in modern managed services using Microsoft’s powerful suite of services will ensure your business remains nimble and focused with clear roles and goals.

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Cloud adoption

The Cloud will make your business more efficient, insightful and flexible with powerful digital connections unbounded by any limits.

Velrada’s Cloud adoption services will ensure a smooth transition that enhances every aspect of your company’s operations.

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Global Dynamics 365

Global supply chains need fast, flexible and collaborative solutions that cross time zones and transcend distance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the world’s premier digital solution for businesses engaged in global commerce, driving efficiency and connection wherever it's needed.

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Managed digital security

Digital fraud and security breaches are constant threats to modern digital businesses - being prepared is the best defence.

Velrada can assist your business with managed digital security, providing effective solutions from Microsoft’s cutting edge suite of security products.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 will enhance the financial visibility and profitability of your business.

Its fully digital suite of business services will allow you to make real-time, data-driven decisions with transparency and accuracy. Velrada can expertly help your business optimise its operations with Dynamics 365 and accelerate growth.

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