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Target operating model transformation to improve service delivery.

Design and deliver a target operating model to
establish a client-focused service delivery approach.

Design and implementation of a target operating model, which underpins newly developed strategy and guiding principles, and enables clear measurement of marketing campaign effectiveness in terms of client experience, retention, advocacy and share of customer wallet.

As a result of the IT strategy and operating model review, it became apparent that the client needed to provide a more sophisticated, high-end service model to ensure their marketing efforts delivered the desired outcome in terms of client experience, retention and advocacy, as well as increasing the share of customer wallet.

Velrada began their approach to this engagement by shadowing senior management, in order to get absolute clarity on the complex nature of the problems in the client organisation. After facilitating consensus building on the guiding principles supporting the newly developed client organisation strategy, Velrada’s consultants presented several options for service delivery model design and proposed a straw man approach for its implementation. A joint team of Velrada’s Consultants and the client’s senior management then critically evaluated these service delivery model options on their ability to deliver to the client’s business requirements.

The systematic review resulted in the decision to transition to an organisational model that leveraged on business intelligence to deliver clear and actionable customer insights. The model used customer insights to deliver tailored and timely marketing campaigns and provide the client with a greater ability to execute small changes quickly. Additionally, the model provided the client with greater ability to scale capacity to meet increased and more specialised needs of their customers.

Customer intelligence feedback mechanisms were implemented to measure campaign effectiveness and further refine successive marketing approaches for improved return on marketing investment.

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