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Modernizing outdated intranet to increase functionality on a global scale

Increasing global functionality, collaboration and compliant document management.

This client is a leading global Mining-Tech company, that enables successful and cost-effective operations from exploration to production. As a leader in their industry it was vitally important for their intranet to maintain a high standard when it comes to document management and company collaboration across various languages. This client faced a number of challenges with their existing intranet that needed to be addressed.  The outdated intranet was not only difficult for the client to update and maintain, it didn’t align to their IT strategy.

Engaging with Velrada the client highlighted that leveraging the existing investment in Microsoft technology and maintaing operational efficancy was key for them. The client spotlighted that driving the engagement with users and ensuring adoption throughout the organisation underpinned the ultimate success of the delivery.

This client faced a number of challenges with their existing intranet that needed to be addressed.  The outdated intranet was not only difficult for the client to update and maintain, it didn’t align to the IT strategy.  The primary function was content management for integral company and corporate documents and was difficult to manage, ultimately being detrimental and disadvantageous for the business.  Despite being a multi-language company their intranet was not useable in every language and did not have facilitate the global nature of the business, minimising the usefulness of the intranet to the company as a whole. Engaging with Velrada we were able to asses their needs and develop a solution.

Velrada’s approach to delivering this intranet was focused around the delivery of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which could later be improved with enhancements and upgrades. The client was keen to maximise the value of Office 365, and utilise the full breadth of Microsoft technology. Velrada worked with their needs and recognised that the use of a trusted third party would provide significant time-to-value savings. Designs sessions were held, aimed at learning more about the organisation and their needs, Velrada then were able to rapidly wireframe and prototype the intranet design.

The clients geographical spread was recognised, with different languages across various zones of the business, Velrada assessed a number of translation tools to ensure accuracy, as well as ease of integration within the clients environment. With “search” being another key focus area, Velrada worked with the client to configure the relevant search refiners and configuration in order to best maximise the native enterprise search capability within Office 365. To ensure compliance a dedicated document repository was developed where they could easily be updated where and when required.

Finally to ensure self-sufficiency on completion of all development, Velrada held a number of “train the trainer” sessions to provide both administrative guidance, as well as key information for day-to-day end users of the new intranet.

The project delivered a number of successful outcomes for the client. The new corporate intranet is now easily translated into four different languages to be functional and accessible for all staff. An executive chat function increases the connectivity providing the executive team greater ease in communication to the wider staff. A collaboration space enables users to easily share content and collaboratively share knowledge across the organisation.  Greater ease and efficiency in searching for documents is achieved with precise refiners configured specifically for the company’s needs. Content owners are able to easily maintain and ensure content is both relevant and up to date. Alignment to branding and needs for the company the client regained much needed value from the intranet to the organisation. Due to all of these fantastic results Velrada have been further engaged to perform follow-on enhancements and upgrades to the intranet solution provided.

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