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Modern Workplace Knowledge and Management Platform Intranet leveraging M365

A corporate Digital Workplace with enhanced search functionality and improved engagement for users.

This client is a world-leading, global mining and resources company. As a global leader within their industry, they recognised the need to perform an Expert Review of their pre-existing SharePoint Online intranet – and sought recommendations on how it could be improved from a User Experience point of view.

The client highlighted that continuing to leverage their existing investment in Microsoft technology and maintaing operational efficiency was pivotal for them.

Velrada conducted a number of assessments and User Experience reviews with end users – a number of challenges were identified, including:

  • The current site was not optimised for mobile responsiveness and the use of other devices.
  • The weight of volume of information was found to be overwhelming by users with confronting terminology.
  • Users identified that the layout of information on pages was not user friendly with excessive scrolling required on numerous pages.
  • The search functionality surfaced outdated and irrelevant content.
  • Users were unable to locate important templates and documents, which are required for common day-to-day usage.
  • Overall, there was a poor user experience with incomplete functionality, broken links, lack of coherent feedback processes.

All of these findings from the Expert Review were documented in a detailed Strategic Blueprint document, which also outlined the next steps as part of an Implementation Roadmap.

As part of this phase, a “Proof of Concept” SharePoint Online intranet platform was produced, which would form part of the Implementation phase.

The approach to delivering this SharePoint Online intranet was focused around the initial delivery of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the first instance, which could then later be improved by a series of enhancements and upgrades.

As part of the initial MVP delivery, Velrada performed an “Art of the Possible” demonstration, which highlighted some of the following key areas:

  • Microsoft Viva: considering Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Topics and Viva Learning
  • Demonstrating personalised content, dashboards, cards and data feeds for individual users
  • Using AI to connect people with knowledge and experts – to visualise the relationships between practices and experts
  • Providing learning content and glossaries through the use of Viva Learning.
  • Power Virtual Agent as a digital chatbot and coach to provide enhanced search functionality.

Velrada’s approach to this engagement was split into 4 main phases:

  1. Design Validation: the aim of this phase was to validate the proposed design strategy, revised Information Architecture and Proof of Concept. The following key activities were performed:
  • A series of Usability Assessments were performed on the proposed IA and Proof of Concept environment.
  • The designs for 9 page (SharePoint Online) templates were finalised.
  • User Stories and high-level requirements were signed off for the MVP release.
  • Design and As Build documentation was updated as required.
  1. Content Management and Migration: the aim of this phase was to identify relevant materials from the existing SharePoint Online site which needed to be migrated to the new SharePoint Online site, finalise a mapping structure, and ultimately migrate and validate content in the new environment. The following key activities were performed:
  • Content and file types analysis, identifying key functional and relevant content.
  • Signing off on the agreed Content Management and Migration strategy.
  • Performing content mapping from the original SharePoint Online site to the new SharePoint Online site.
  • Performing a Pilot migration to ensure the sample of data migrated was correct and fit for purpose.
  • Performing Production migration for all identified content from the original SharePoint Online site to the new SharePoint Online site.
  • Restricting access to the original SharePoint site once all data had been migrated.
  • Applying permissions to the new SharePoint Online site.
  • Managing the translation of webpage content from English into Spanish, and co-ordinating webpage updates.
  1. Implementation: the aim of this phase was to implement the solution identified within the Discovery phase. Our approach utilised SharePoint Online. The following key activities were performed:
  • The delivery of the project was performed over a number of sprints, each focusing on a key area of development.
  • Development of up to 9 new page template designs within SharePoint Online.
  • Development and deployment of a Self-Starter Assessment Application
  • Velrada then worked to configure the relevant search refiners and configuration in order to maximise the enterprise search capability within Office365
  • Once all development was completed, the system was tested end-to-end, user acceptance testing was performed, before end-user training and handover to the client.
  1. Change Management: the aim of this phase was to define the Change Management strategy for this phase (and future phases), and then execute the developed strategy for this phase. The following key activities were performed:
  • Held Purpose and Change Vision workshops.
  • Performed initial stakeholder analysis and produced Change Readiness and Impact Assessment.
  • Created Communications and Engagement Strategy, socialising with the client for review and signoff.
  • Creation of Executive Briefing Pack and media (to be distributed company-wide)
  • Delivery of targeted training and support materials.
  • Implementation of Support Model and Transition to Business As Usual (BAU).

The project delivered a number of successful outcomes for the client including:

  • New SharePoint Online intranet site which can be translated into English and Spanish.
  • Updated branding and vision, which is now aligned with the wider client strategy.
  • Improved search functionality, with specific search refiners configured to provide easier filtering of results (including the updated tagging of materials).
  • Incorporation of other business units within the new SharePoint Online platform.
  • Improved engagement and productivity for users.
  • Exponential increase in the SharePoint Online site traffic (the purple line shows the site Go Live date):

As a result of this phase, Velrada have been engaged to perform follow-on enhancements and upgrades to the SharePoint Online solution provided (as part of Phase 2).

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