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Unlocking global knowledge to improve margin and transform efficiency.

How to create, contribute, share and act on knowledge in ways that measurably enhance outcomes and predictability.

Velrada has a long history of driving complex information management, assurance and business improvement initiatives for this client, and we partnered with senior cross functional executives to develop the knowledge management strategy and subsequent scoping for the knowledge management solution, which we also designed and delivered. The strategy set the stage for an innovative and aspirational approach to tacit knowledge management to unlock the significant experiential value that resided with individuals and teams through the world.

The importance of a practical, business outcome led strategy was that it gave the momentum to drive implementation in parallel, giving all teams and key stakeholders the confidence that this new way of working would result in sustainable productivity improvements.

The management and delivery of major projects for a global mining company requires extremely complex collaboration, execution and coordination of resources from around the world. The ability to leverage tacit knowledge and combine this with the corporate control and governance required is a high value, strategic opportunity to improve margin and reduce time to completion for major new projects. Velrada’s challenge was to develop a knowledge management strategy, solution and implementation plan that could deliver this for the global mining company worldwide.

Many hundreds of people would now be able to connect, communicate and collaborate in an organic way, at the same time ensuring compliance with our client’s group level policy and procedure. Velrada’s deep knowledge of the global mining company’s operating environment across information management, technology and operations was critical in setting the framework to ensure that corporate, stakeholder and compliance considerations were integrated into the strategy, planning and implementation phases of the transformation.

The core of the opportunity to connect people and create a value from disparate formal and informal information was determined to best be enabled through enterprise social and collaboration tools. However, the complex, corporate operating environment required a high level of governance and compliance oversight which can create execution issues especially when dealing with less tangible ways of working. However, Velrada was able to bring the strategy to life across a range of specific use-cases from communicating critical updates and sharing lessons learned to real-time access to information and expertise, project status reporting and just in time knowledge sharing. This formed the basis for a business case from which Velrada then led the downstream business readiness, planning, implementation approach and the delivery of a pilot program which was rolled out globally across the major projects group.

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