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24/7 global risk and crisis management solution ensures business continuity.

Collaboration in real-time anywhere in the world supporting safety and compliance in engineering, mining and energy.

Advanced mobility and collaboration capabilities allow employees across the globe  to access time critical information and advice, anywhere and at any time, significantly reducing their risk of harm. Able to provide a 24/7 service via the cloud,  supported by a commercial SLA, saving cost and potential interruptions associated with outages with the legacy solution hosted on premise.

Our client’s R3 function is responsible for risk management, business resilience and critical incident management, achieving this through its use of ‘Ready, Response and Recovery’ methodology that covers both business-as-usual (BAU) and critical incident management activities. They required improved capability to globally store and share critical data, increased workforce productivity and compliance, and enablement of their R3 team to work and collaborate more effectively across boundaries.

Velrada recognised that the existing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products in the market to support major incident planning and response were either significantly over-engineered, and therefore both artificially constraining and expensive, or highly targeted at specific issues or platforms, such as mobile incident notifications. Velrada’s solution addresses and integrates a multitude of global resilience management needs and variables, for content and collaboration purposes.

Velrada therefore delivered a solution on Exchange Office365, utilising SharePoint Online and other out-of-the-box Microsoft functionality. Using these Microsoft technologies has delivered a solution that is far more innovative, flexible and at a significantly better price point than the competing solutions in the marketplace. It has further significant potential for build on with social technologies such as Yammer, as well as cloud technologies such as Azure Machine Learning and Power BI.

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