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Optimising and streamlining business processes with Modern Workplace.

This client is a community of 162 schools across Western Australia, supporting students to learn, grow and belong. Their vision is to be a Christ-centred, child-focused community of engaged learning environments, inspiring all to actively live the Gospel. The client engaged with Velrada to create a content service platform based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint Online, Power Apps, Power Apps Portal and Power Virtual Agent to enable content and knowledge to seamlessly flow between different operational tools. This saves costs, allows onmi-channels to share information and significantly reduces confusion on the processes.

Engaging with Velrada the client highlighted that consolidating the information across various programs and channels was a high priority that would enable great customer management and ultimately save them time and money.  The client spotlighted that greater accessibility and holistic view of information coming from several angles and platforms would strengthen the ultimate success of the delivery.

This client identified a business need to have the ability to receive, address, track, resolve and learn from complaints and feedback received by parents, students, staff and the public regarding their schools. With many avenues and channels where information could be received there was no standard platform to process, store, report, share and action the information that was obtained.
The client identified that the information collected is vital and is used to assist in identifying common feedback or trends from within a school, across schools or within the organization. Then insights from the information is used `to proactively provide and develop strategies to address relevant feedback. Whilst some schools have mechanisms to capture local feedback, this feedback is not collated and there is no consistent process for managing the feedback.

In assessing the clients needs, Velrada created a solution that was cloud focused and user-centric through the use of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365. This solution centralized all disjointed parts of the process from receiving to learning and met all of the clients needs.
SharePoint Online was enabled as the content management system where knowledge artefacts such as policies and procedures were stored and managed. This was empowered with Azure active security to ensure proper security compliance. Being aware of sensitivity and security, Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance was also used in this solution to provide audit trails, sensitivity and security. A combination of metadata functionality and search leveraging was configured to plug existing gaps for custom refiners, which allowed Velrada to provide the client a user-centric tool for tackling information sprawl.

Finally the complaints management module was developed using Dynamics 365 Case Management functionality providing knowledge and intelligence about the customer and their problems, aligning to their desire of delivering in faster time, to provide greater business value.

After the successful implementation of the solution, the client determined that not only did it optimize business processes, but that there had been a significant reduction in isolated complaints.
Further more the client was able to achieve a company-wide and holistic use of Microsoft 365 services as the building blocks of a Modern Workplace. Key users and employees benefitted directly from the solution having access to key documents anytime, anywhere, and from any device. This resulted in an immediate ability to provide information and a significant reduction in search times for responding to their customers.

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