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Driving the vision for integrated IT to transform operations.

Future state envisioned to position the convergence of OT/IT and encompass a horizontal and vertically integrated function.

Velrada was engaged to develop an Integrated IT Strategy in conjunction with the Information Strategy & Systems leadership team. This strategy was expected to be a single articulation of an IT future state and plan which reflected inputs and convergence of both information and operational technology (IT and OT), and the services and support structures that would enable and maintain them. The strategy set the foundation for a reorganisation of the entire IS&S function, and moved the entire organisation into alignment around value creation from technology innovation.

Velrada’s long term engagement with the client was a strategic differentiator in that they already have a well developed understanding of our core business and have been involved with leading several other strategic IS&S initiatives which needed to be fully considered in the context of the integrated IT strategy.

Velrada lead the development an Integrated IT Strategy in conjunction with the IS&S leadership team. Understanding the complex global operating environment and the pace and diversity of technological change were key factors with deep dive analysis undertaken on energy sector trends, technology change leading indicators and other external influencing factors that would have a bearing on the client’s organisation over the strategic planning horizon.

The approach consisted of three development stages with an additional review stage to ensure that the documented Integrated IT Strategy outputs were in line with expectations, and reflected a group consensus for the vision of the business.  The process sought to engage across the client’s business to ensure the resulting strategy was truly integrated with inclusions from both IT and OT; relevant stakeholders were given the opportunity to highlight their objectives, requirements and sub-strategies as well as challenge pre-defined expectations of what IT could deliver.

The articulation of a clear and holistic IT strategy showing how IS&S will support the needs of the client’s business, including provision of services outside of its direct control (e.g. process control, sub surface) had not been done before. Velrada’s momentum through the strategy development resulted in a highly engaged group of senior stakeholders who were invested in the final strategy document, and felt accountable for the implementation and delivery of the outcomes. This set the framework for a collaborative working relationship between IT, OT and IM functions for our client. This acknowledgement of potential synergy and clear delineation of roles and responsibilities has meant that the opportunities associated with convergence could be built on and operationalised.

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