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Freeing the organisation to go global with a cloud-first modern workplace.

Expansion demands collaboration platforms available 24/7 to engineering, field service, executive and back-office teams.

With the current intranet only available to staff within head office and the desire to significantly expand operations around the world it was imperative to move to a more accessible platform. Included the development of a capability library to provide accurate, timely information to assist with the development of quality collateral and documentation used for business development and customer relationship management purposes.

Having partnered with the client over a number of years and with a clear view of their internal systems, challenges and opportunities, Velrada had been instrumental in leading the implementation of a number of business systems that leveraged the Microsoft enterprise platform. Following large contract wins and in line with global expansion it was deemed critical to improve the experience of their employees and connect people around the world with each other and the information they needed to improve efficiency and client outcomes.

We engaged extensively throughout the organisation targeting key user and usage profiles identified from workplace analytics and our existing knowledge of current state usage habits. This was followed by a detailed design and implementation planning phase which encompassed extensive user testing to ensure any roadblocks – operational and cultural – were identified and able to be addressed through the change management processes in place.  The brief was to leverage out of the box (OOTB) functionality and this wasn’t possible,Velrada engaged proactively to develop alternative solutions or appropriate workarounds.

As a core part of Office 365, SharePoint Online provides content management and collaboration capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated with the other applications in Microsoft ecosystem. Our client had invested in the Microsoft Office 365 platform and selected SharePoint Online as a platform of choice for the Intranet redevelopment project with the intention of enhancing technical capability across the organisation aligned to business requirements. The intranet was delivered within the client’s Office 365 environment with initial configuration and development completed in the Velrada environment.

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    Freeing the organisation to go global with a cloud-first modern workplace.
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