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Navigating the journey to take on cloud-first transformation.

Technology and advising business leadership for a government agency ICT and Procurement further to drive the GovNext ‘as-a-service’ agenda.

A major agency embarked on an ambitious whole-of-government platform transformation program which will see all agencies mandated to take a cloud-first, PaaS approach to infrastructure, by default. Velrada has been embedded with the client with the brief to bridge the gap between GovNext future state and the client’s current state, frame the PaaS business cases and drive the transition of the client’s infrastructure with no disruption to existing operations.

The unique challenges of undertaking a major infrastructure transformation – especially to a cloud-first ecosystem – presented a risk both operationally and culturally. Simultaneously tackling real issues of security, legacy systems and new buying rules required strong discipline and leadership early to give confidence in the approach and gain support across the various functions involved.

The requirements of a major infrastructure transformation to PaaS and cloud-first by default are particularly challenging when dealing with the unique operating mandate and complex security and stakeholder environment of the police service. Velrada’s brief was to drive the client’s obligations inside the GovNext procurement framework to transition to PaaS and ensure a successful transition for the client as a flagship agency while mitigating the many perceived risks and challenges inherent in the clients operating environment.

Critical to the success of the proposed transformation under the new GovNext & GovCloud procurement approach was the client completed a detailed business case and program implementation plan which Velrada has driven while embedded with the client’s ICT and Procurement. Leveraging Velrada’s strengths in traditional CIO advisory in areas of procurement, IT strategy and planning, infrastructure and vendor management we have designed and managed a comprehensive program to navigate the Technology Stream transformation within GovNext.

Embedding with existing teams, Velrada is charged with driving the completion of the Concept Business Case, Program Plan and Schedule and ensuring momentum for the development of the Cloud Service Management Framework, Security and Reference Architecture and service classification model as well as the development and implementation of an application and infrastructure assessment and categorisation process. All of this is being delivered in alignment with and to support the full implementation of the GovNext procurement framework, with subsequent work to develop and deliver a defined target operating model showing the current state, transition state and retained organisation, appropriate organisational change management and training leading to the establishment of Co-Location Data Centre Services under the WoG GovNext services contract and from there moving in to the implementation of the actual transition.

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