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Solve the challenge your business faces and eliminate frustrating inefficiencies by allowing your company to modernize, automate and innovate faster.

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    Global Dynamics 365
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    App modernisation
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    Azure DevOps
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    Digital product & experience
Global Dynamics 365

Global supply chains need fast, flexible and collaborative solutions that cross time zones and transcend distance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the world’s premier digital solution for businesses engaged in global commerce, driving efficiency and connection wherever it's needed.

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App modernisation

Apps run the world, but they also need upgrading to stay up to date with the latest digital developments.

Velrada will modernise your business’ digital apps using Microsoft’s powerful suite of business services, ensuring your app aligns with your goals and the expectations of customers now and into the future.

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Azure DevOps

You know your business best; Microsoft Azure DevOps out the power to create apps directly in your hands.

Velrada will help your business plan smarter, collaborate better and ship faster with Microsoft’s Azure DevOps Service.

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Digital product & experience

What you sell or provide

Modern customers expect fast, frictionless service and a wide range of choice that’s easily accessible. Velrada utilises Microsoft’s customer experience tools to create frictionless sales and service that promote brand loyalty and enhance your reputation.

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Digital transformation empowers businesses to create agile solutions for the modern workplace.

Microsoft fosters agile business through its Power Platform, harnessing cloud-based solutions Office365, Dynamics 365 and Azure. Velrada will make your business agile through Microsoft’s world-leading digital solutions.

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Velrada can help build agile business processes. We can tailor a solution to your needs.

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