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Boost your revenue with Microsoft
Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection
April 10, 2020 12am – 1am

Help boost profitability by decreasing fraud costs, lowering operation costs increasing acceptance rates, and improving customer experience.

As payment fraud continues to rise, so does the amount of money that companies spend each year to combat it. Direct losses and loss related costs to merchants is estimated to be over $265 billion in 2020, and merchants are spending billions of dollars to stem the financial losses by layering inadequate solutions.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, merchants can use the AI powered cloud based solution to help lower fraud costs, increase revenue by improving acceptance of legitimate transactions, reduce friction in your customer experience, and integrate easily into your existing order management system and payment stack.

Join this webinar to hear about:

  1. The challenges of online fraud for you and your customers
  2. How Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection uses adaptive AI technology and connected knowledge to increase revenue and reduce operational expenses
  3. How Microsoft built and implemented Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection to boost revenue
  4. What you can do to put Fraud Protection to the test and see if it will help reduce fraud

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