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Advisory solutions: Modern Workplace

Australia Post

Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing Gone are the days of the local server. Sure you may still have one as a backup. You may even have rooms filled with local servers, but cloud computing is the way of the future, without a doubt, and it will change how you run your business. The cloud […]

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Velrada event

2017 end of the year Staff-Client function in Perth Thanks to our valued customers and partners for attending our end of year celebration in Perth, with nearly 100 guests in attendance. It was a fantastic chance for our staff and clients to build on their relationships over a drink or two. We are looking forward […]

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computers Expansion demands collaboration platforms available 24/7 to engineering, field service, executive and back-office teams. Snapshot With the current intranet only available to staff within head office and the desire to significantly expand operations around the world it was imperative to move to a more accessible platform. Included the development of a capability library to provide [...]
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computers Collaboration in real-time anywhere in the world supporting safety and compliance in engineering, mining and energy. Snapshot Advanced mobility and collaboration capabilities allow employees across the globe  to access time critical information and advice, anywhere and at any time, significantly reducing their risk of harm. Able to provide a 24/7 service via the cloud,  supported [...]
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Velrada is pleased to announce that we have recently been approved under the ICT Services Scheme for the supply of professional services to the NSW State Government in the ‘Advanced’ category for strategy, ICT programs, architecture and design, systems and solutions, data centre, risk management, server management and software licenses. This complements our existing strategic […]

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