Nadeeja Bomiriya Velrada Microsoft MVP

We spoke with Nadeeja Bomiriya about Velrada, Microsoft and the Australian Dynamics 365 scene, and Dynamics 365 Deployment Best Practices.

Velrada Practice Lead – Dynamics 365, Nadeeja Bomiriya is a Microsoft MVP, Chapter Lead – Dynamics 365 Saturday – Australia, President – Melbourne Dynamics 365 User Group, Technical Architect, and Dynamics 365 Practice Lead.


Q. Nadeeja, you are a Microsoft MVP. What does that mean?

A. The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award is given to Microsoft technology experts and community leaders who generously share their knowledge with the community and explore the product in detail to help Microsoft product teams build better products. MVPs are passionate about technology and sharing knowledge.

It is an honour to be recognised by Microsoft and to receive this coveted award for my contributions to the global community. I enjoy giving back to the Dynamics 365 community and contributing to industry-wide dialogues such as best practices.


Q. As Founder of you host a site dedicated to sharing all things Dynamics 365. Who participates and interacts with this online community?

A. Dyn365Apps is a site dedicated to sharing all things Dynamics 365 based on my experience in delivering Dynamics 365 solutions to organisations of all sizes. I have delivered Dynamics 365 sales, customer service, marketing, field service, and project service automation based solutions and portals, intranets, and bespoke applications to organisations from small and medium businesses to large commercial enterprises and federal, state, and local government.

I started the blog in 2016 to share my experiences and opinions of all things related to Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Business Applications platform. Since then, to my surprise, it has attracted a large audience from all over the world. About 200-300 unique daily visitors visit the blog with over 160,000 visits over the last 12 months. The blog attracts visitors from over 180 countries including the United States, Australia, India, China, UK, Germany, Canada and Japan.


Q. Your recent article in the Dynamics 365 Apps blog (exploring managed vs unmanaged solutions in the production environment) has already been widely shared in the Dynamics 365 community. This is a common topic for discussion. What makes this article different from all the others?

A. Yes, this one is an interesting one. I decided to write this article as a response to a client query. Many articles have been written with different opinions and many discussions have taken place in forums and social media. The pros and cons of each approach have been discussed from a technical point view many times in the past. Yet, the question arises again and again. The reason is that from a business point of view, it is not straightforward to decide which approach to choose. As consultants, our job is to help organisations make the right and informed decisions that best suit their circumstances.

The article was written as a resource that could be shared to make my (and all Dynamics 365 Consultants’) life easier by answering the question “should we use managed or unmanaged solutions in the production environment?” Spoiler alert: There’s nothing wrong with either. There are pros and cons of both. Choose the approach right for you.


Q. As Velrada Practice Lead – Dynamics 365, you have an opportunity to guide and mentor young talent coming through the ranks. What advice would you give to Dynamics 365 specialists starting out?

A. Get involved with the community and be a continuous learner. At Velrada, we run internal training and knowledge share sessions. We have a great sharing culture at Velrada. There are also many community activities in Australia that everyone can get involved in. Dynamics 365 User Groups in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, and Perth, and also Dynamics 365 Saturday Conference and Boot camps which are free for all. These events are aimed at exchanging ideas and listening to presentations by local and international industry experts. Topics focus on Dynamics 365 and Power Platform business, technical and end user. We also love discussing the latest industry news and trends.


Q. What opportunities do you have in your team?

A. We are currently looking for the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Customer Engagement) specialists for junior to senior consulting roles. The nature of our work allows these Consultants to be based in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney.

As the 2018 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year for Dynamics 365 for Field Service, this literally the most exciting place in the world to be right now if Dynamics 365 is your thing.

Why wouldn’t it be?