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Month: October 2020

The COVID-19 world has heightened the ever-present need for local councils to do more with less.  Servicing a community with growing needs with fewer resources and the customer experience at the centre.  New and improved technology solutions provide Local Councils a unique opportunity to reduce the need for manual processes whilst providing outreach and assistance [...]
Recent events surrounding COVID-19 have caused many organisations to rethink the ‘how’ and the ‘where’ of work. Suddenly the Intranet went from low- to highest-priority and the foremost mechanism for reaching employees and staff. Microsoft Teams made massive leaps in terms of usage and now Velrada and LiveTiles bring you an easy way to improve [...]
Digital leadership in the Utilities, Mining and Resources sector is an imperative. These sectors are fundamentally changing, requiring you to reimagine your business operating models. But innovation comes with challenges. Velrada are partnering with Microsoft to help you accelerate this transformation with powerful solutions like Connected Field Service, Health and Safety Apps and Artificial Intelligence. [...]
Combined the usage of Microsoft's HoloLens 2 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Microsoft partner Velrada has supported resource multinational BHP with the deployment of mixed reality and remote working technologies for the use of a data collection tool, which saw its implementation in machinery cut down from months to weeks. The deployment saw Microsoft’s [...]
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