Web, Social & Mobile

Designing and delivering outstanding online experiences.

Realising return on investment for your next web, social or mobile project is about getting out of the way of the needs of your audience and allowing them to interact with you where and when they want to.

Our team ensures your users at the heart of the experience; whether building scalable digital marketing or eCommerce platforms with fully integrated channel management and analytics to dedicated mobile applications and websites that can be deployed across the full range of internet enabled devices.


hightlight-coma.pngFrom understanding customer behaviours to eliciting or interpreting complex business requirements, Velrada’s  consultants can advise on the best strategy and the most appropriate channels and technologies to deliver end to end solutions.

  • Social engagement advisory and strategy.
  • Customer and user experience design
  • Web commerce and integrated channel management.
  • Customer analytics and dashboarding.
  • Dedicated mobile applications.
  • Social collaboration, ideation and gamification for enterprise.
  • Digital content management.


We understand the specific challenges facing both public sector and commercial clients and how to address those challenges in the face of changing employee and consumer behaviour. We can help you design omnichannel experiences across the range of digital devices and touchpoints to achieve key business outcomes – the right message, in the right channel at the right time.


Our strongest asset is the diversity of our consulting team. Deep subject matter expertise in user experience design, information architecture and visual design coupled with expertise across a range of tools and technologies means we can provide end to end capability; from eliciting and interpreting complex business requirements, to designing the most appropriate solution irrespective of channel or technology and deliver rich user experiences that will resonate with your stakeholder audiences and drive the desired outcomes.


Often a critical success factor for projects of this nature (or at least a consideration in nearly all experiential design projects) is ensuring brand consistency across all touchpoints. These are the things that we hear most often from our clients:


  • It should all just work – Consumers and employees want to engage with business in a way that 'works the way they do' - both inside and outside the firewall.
  • We want access anywhere, anytime – This means providing support for multiple devices and operating platforms, including mobile-specific applications as well as user-centric responsive designed websites that are touch-screen or gesture enabled.
  • We want it on any device – Retrofitting responsive design after the fact is very expensive, knowing how to design and build sites that work across any device or channel upfront is a sure way to future proof your investment in digital.
  • We want it to make life easier - Mobility across the enterprise is driving changed work practices and enabling more automation of workflow and approvals around typical business processes.


Our experience
Velrada draws on significant consulting experience and direct client-side backgrounds in consumer marketing, social and brand strategy development, advertising and customer engagement management as well as visual identity and graphic design capability around the user experience, including creative direction and execution.

Our team’s experience spans public sector and commercial organisations where we have designed and implemented visually appealing and highly functional corporate intranets to encourage collaboration and more efficient work practices, to major public website redevelopment projects including transactional eCommerce settings.

Major WA State Government public enterprise – Intranet – end to end planning, information architecture, user interface, user experience, development, implementation and change management project. Velrada has successfully delivered information architecture through a comprehensive process of stakeholder engagement with a range of time-poor specialists in complex roles, and developed the design with a focus on function and improving the efficiency of interactions and enabling core work practices. This is a significant undertaking in the Western Australian public sector and the work that we are engaged to carry out is intended to be used as a template across a range of similar public enterprises in the future.

Major local government regional council – Public Website Redevelopment – extensive stakeholder engagement including persona development, user journey’s, wireframes, visual language development and style guide including an extensible information architecture to drive enhanced operational efficiency and user self-service. Velrada was able to design a sophisticated solution that enhanced the user experience and value of the website to its stakeholder community building trust and credibility and enabling the Council to leverage the rollout of the NBN by enabling its community to interact in Council Meetings in real time.


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