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Efficient expansion and production driven by technology and smart-data.

​​In order to deliver successful expansion projects and meet the world's increasing demands for energy, the Oil and Gas sector in the Asia-Pacific region will need to overcome a number of challenges over the next five years. These are not solely information or technology issues, but fundamental business challenges which include the rising cost of project execution, the shortage of skilled people and the increasing complexity of drilling and operations in remote areas. Some typical projects that we have undertaken in the oil and gas industry are outlined below.


Australian gas producer – IM Framework and Business Process Improvement

Velrada was engaged in developing a high-level set of requirements to feed into an Engineering Documents and Information Management Strategy.  This was to support the development of new expansion projects and the seamless transition of information from construction stages through to operations.

Multi-billion dollar Australian expansion project – Integration Strategy

Velrada captured and mapped the information flows across more than 300 line of business applications and managed a technology solution evaluation to deliver the level of integration and collaboration required.

Australian oil and gas producer – Collaboration Technology Design

Velrada were engaged to scope out and design technical integration architecture to support the sharing of real-time data for a major Greenfields​ LNG development; a large program of work focussed on an integrated operation and collaboration strategy and design, as well as business continuity planning.


hightlight-coma.png Combining our direct O&G industry experience with our mining and engineering credentials and diverse solution capability gives us a unique and credible perspective on our clients’ issues.

Working with industry to take advantage of technology-enabled business improvement

Our clients are increasingly looking to leverage technology to drive transformation within their business. To align ourselves with our clients' needs and deliver outcomes that meet these challenges, we leverage our solution expertise and project experience in the following areas.

Enabling insight and oversight across complex information assets

Our understanding of the core business processes within E&P and the typical organisational needs and challenges enables us to develop integrated and user-focused solutions.  Through this, we help improve company corporate and business areas including legal, commercial, strategy and planning, management, HR, IT, finance and other functions.  Our track record gives us the experience, proven methodologies and tools required to help implement practical information management at the corporate level and to realise the full value of investment in information management across the enterprise.

Collaborative environments & decision support systems

Successful operations require people to work together; collaborating, communicating, sharing information freely and analysing trends and data to make decisions and drive performance improvements. In order to make these decisions effectively we require access to relevant information, systems and colleagues - not just at the desk but also in collaborative spaces both virtual and physical (as well as hybrids). By enabling this access to people, systems and information in real time, we can capture the outputs as decisions are reached; teams can rapidly make informed decisions that positively impact operations. These concepts can also be leveraged during project execution as people are brought together remotely to review documents (with access to all supporting information) and quickly reach an agreement during meetings avoiding lengthy follow-up discussions.

Device Mobility Strategy and Design

The use of mobile devices can create significant time savings at facilities. The ability to carry the information you require for the task at hand around the operating facility can provide significant time savings in moving into and out of controlled environments purely to fact check. By ensuring that information is accessible and actionable in a mobile environment, remote workers can make real-time updates to systems, capturing data on the job as part of the inspection routine, avoiding lost or forgotten details when returning to a computer at a later time and making the information immediately available to both local and remote teams.

Remote Operations

The remote operation has been an integral part of improved efficiency in the oil and gas industry since the 1970s. Enabling resources to work across multiple assets has reduced headcount costs and ensured that the best-trained people remained engaged working with cutting edge technologies across multiple operations. This directly contributes to reducing cost by reducing the number of staff required to perform often complex activities as well as improving staff retention through engagement. Remote working also provides an ideal environment to drive cross facility standardisation of work practices improving efficiency and laying the groundwork for future improvement initiatives.

Velrada has an experienced Integrated and Intelligent Operations solution specialising in the design and delivery of remote operations projects. We can engage comfortably with business, operational and technology stakeholders to establish the scope of remote operations and embed these changes throughout the organisation.

Integrated Operations and Business Functions

The integration of operations and business functions can drive significant value by shortening the time to make decisions and driving standardisation and optimisation across the asset portfolio. Real-time data being made available to corporate functions supports trending across multiple assets to identify performance improvements, provide benchmarks and feedback into asset maintenance strategies to improve long-term planning. An example of this integration could occur by combining real-time data and maintenance observations across assets to identify deviations in actual and predicted equipment failure rates in order to extend the life of key equipment or avoid early equipment failures significantly affecting operational costs.


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