Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Drawing on significant resources and EPC experience to give an end to end perspective.

​We provide EPCM firms with a single source of information management, business improvement, collaboration, risk and business continuity expertise with strong domain knowledge in supporting organisations across a number of industry verticals including civil, mining, and oil and gas.  Our project experience includes:


Global Engineering Services Company – Data centre strategy, operational resilience and disaster recovery

We have been engaged to provide business continuity and disaster recovery planning consulting in response to recent issues in this area.  A complete DR strategy and implementation plan were undertaken with the client, including detailed data centre vulnerability and risk management planning, and restoration and recovery procedures for core infrastructure services. This included:


  • Disaster recovery strategy and program management.

    hightlight-coma.png A complicating factor is that these issues are often compounded by working for numerous clients simultaneously, who all have different systems, processes and people challenges within their own organisations.​​​​

  • Restoration and recovery procedures for core infrastructure services.
  • Data centre vulnerability assessment and risk management plan.
  • Data centre disaster recovery test process development and test management. 

Global Engineering Services Company – Business continuity planning

Velrada developed a Technology Strategy for the Business Continuity Division, working with the senior management team and key business partners to produce a costed roadmap of initiatives to remediate areas of underperformance and meet new business requirements.


National Engineering Services Company – Risk Management & Line of Business Solution Procurement Management

Velrada worked with the Group Risk Manager and the Group HSE Manager to establish a risk and change management framework and develop the business case for replacing an existing incident management system to better support the organisation in proactive risk management.


National Engineering Services Company – Integrated Operations Centre Strategy & Design

Velrada was engaged to work with the senior technical delivery and operations team to provide guidance into the development of their integrated operations and remote operations strategy and implementation plan.

Our understanding of industry challenges

EPC firms have to take responsibility for the management of complex multi-site and multi-discipline projects and manage the coordination of multiple vendor relationships in order to meet clients' project milestones and budget requirements. In addition to the contractual, organisational and logistical challenges that this brings, there is a significant requirement for the collection, management and control of key operational information including design specifications and changes, environmental monitoring reports, and permits and approvals data. A comprehensive and auditable view of this information is essential to ensuring efficient project delivery and providing assurance that regulatory compliance requirements are achieved.


In particular, EPC companies must ensure that they have established flexible information management policies and solution architecture to enable them to adapt on a project by project basis to meet the application, software, data format standards and project management policies of their clients. A complicating factor is that these issues are often compounded by working for numerous clients simultaneously, who all have different systems, processes and people challenges within their own organisations.


Efficient project management is reliant on effective information management

EPCM firms who adopt appropriate information management and collaboration strategies find that these can prove to be a differentiator and enable them to gain a significant labour and cost advantage over competitors.

In our experience the requirements to track, share and report on key operational areas and integrate with client and contractor systems are:


  • Project plans, delivery milestones and budget cost estimates.
  • Approved Contractors lists and Contractor Agreements.
  • Project Budget, Purchases, Receipts, Invoices and cost estimations.
  • Environmental, Heritage and conservation reports.
  • HSE Accidents, Incidents and Corrective Actions.
  • Hazardous Materials Register.
  • Personnel training certification and site access approvals.
  • Engineering design specifications and change orders.
Our experience 
Combined with the project experience outlined above, our track record in the resources sector gives us an end to end perspective on their challenges as well as those of their clients. The focus of our engagement in the EPC sector has been around the following areas:

Defining information management strategies and designing flexible, cost effective solution architectures
 able to support multiple client requirements and minimise change management impacts on each area of the organisation.

Reducing costs and gaining competitive advantage
 through the systematic capture, retention and reuse of project knowledge.

Meeting client deadlines and budget requirements
 through the adoption of appropriate project support tools.

Meeting regulatory compliance
 through the timely and accurate reporting of information to clients and applicable agencies.

Providing a secure, scalable ICT environment
 with the appropriate business continuity and disaster recovery plans and measures in place to ensure ongoing service provision as well as the security of company and client information. 


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